Sweet Reigh's Fur Babies

Reigh's PhoDOGraphy Antics

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Sweet Reigh regrets giving Dali the Chinese take-out box because she got her head stuck!


Feeling ridiculous

We look ridiculous because we FEEL ridiculous in these Chrimmus kerchiefs!

A Marine and his dog


It went something like this …


The reunion between my brother William and his dog Liesl went something like this!

Liesl is Euphoric!

My dad is finally home and now I don't know what to do with myself!

Eggies on my face


Look Reigh, I licked the pan clean! … What’s that? I’ve got eggies on my face? Hmm … I’ll take care of that!


Serenity Now

Adorable Jake

Dali’s Christmas Fun

I'm wearing decorations. Seriously, Reigh? Please do not put this on the family Christmas card.


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