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Ms. Thang

The Eye

When little Ms. Thang gives you 'the eye' it's time to put the camera away!


Hot dog, please!

Baby Jake

Hot dog, please!

Melt my heart

No, I did not put on white lipstick - I was born with this manlyman goatee!

Nappy Monster:Dali

Nappin' Dali Monster

Aaah! Nothing compliments naptime like a fresh breeze and sun baths!

I Struggle.

Jacob struggled with God. Me? I struggle with clippers on haircut day - worst day of the year!


Mommies called my name first! That pizza crust is MINE!

Kiss it.

I'm such a princess. You may now kiss the foot I extend to you ...

Missin’ my Uncle Wes.

I don't mind Uncle Wes taking time to vacation at the shores of Tripoli, so long as he remembers to stop at the snack shack on his way home. Nothin' beats those Devildog Slim Jim snacks! Mmmmm!

It’s an Eskimo thing.

You gonna eat all that? Cause I don't mind helpin' out ...

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