Sweet Reigh's Fur Babies

Reigh's PhoDOGraphy Antics

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Before distortion …

After distortion


Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Indulge me. Pet my belly!

Sweet Daisy


Weekly Photo Challenge: Down


Daisy, get down! You can’t have any of my dinner so stop jumping in my lap!

A Cockapoo’s Christmas Story






This Christmas story begins with a Cockapoo named Dali. Her one love in life (other than Sweet Reigh, of course) is to play fetch. This Christmas, Sweet Reigh played fetch indoors with Dali’s favorite green ball. Sweet Reigh accidentally lobbed the green ball into the Christmas tree! Dali did her best to get it unstuck. After a good long while, Dali eventually gave up and sat watch, hoping for someone to help her continue playing fetch …

Get off the couch!



Cockapoos love drama

My first dog

This is the best dog ever! My Mom brought Fritzy home in 1998 and he has been the love of my life. The veterinarians still can't believe that a 14 year old dog can have the moxie and health of a 5 year old! That's what a family's love for their best friend can do 🙂

Why did you wake me?!


Why did you wake me, Reigh?

Puffs is perching on presents

What do you mean I can't squeeeeeze the cat fat on this present?



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